Friday, January 9, 2009


I have not given up on this blog, just a little busy and not really on my computer lately. The latest news from the hen house is with all the cold days and then sudden thawing, it seems to have messed up the girls laying cycle. Two weeks ago I was starting to get 5 eggs a day from the six ladies and I thought that was great. The temperature has been swinging up and down like crazy and now it caused them to lay any where from one egg in a day to five at best, mostly it is between two to four.

I suspect it is because in extreme cold I leave the heat lamp on all night and they are not getting a full nights sleep. I had been told that the heat lamp left on can make them aggressive towards each other and I do see signs of this. Mostly with Chico my little Silkie rooster. Silkies are one of the friendliest roosters (or so I was told) and Chico used to be like a fuzzy kitten, however now he is more like robo rooster ready to destroy all who enter his domain! After a few warm days and leaving the lights off at night, he settled back down, so I guess it is true. I think he is affected more than the girls because he is tricked by the red glow into thinking dawn is breaking, so it is not unusual to hear him crowing at night. I also noticed the girls being a little more aggressive with each other as well.

I've played with the lighting to give them closer to eight hours of darkness so they can sleep better and see if it works.

Happy New Year chicken fans!

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