Saturday, May 2, 2009

My Dad.

Can a person already miss someone who has not even left yet? The final results for my Dad's tests came back and it is really bad. The doctors said there is nothing that can be done for my father. They will work on trying to keep him comfortable and not let him suffer. He came home to the farm and I hope he can stay there until the end, I don't want him to die in a hospital with tubes and wires all over him. It hurts so much to think he will not be around one day and sadly that day is coming soon.

Thank you so much for the kind comments. I don't want to bring any of you down, I just wanted to let you know what the results were. I think you will all understand if I don't post for quite some time.

I got to see the girls the other day, Dan is taking good care of them. I may move them to the farm but Dan said it was not a problem and likes caring for the chickens. I'm also thinking since I will be on the farm now for months taking things day by day, I may get some chicks to help keep the stress levels down. It is hard to always be dealing with cancer, hospitals and someone you love dying, day in and day out.


John Gray said...

believe me I know what you are going through.
do what you need to do and what feels right and get your rest where you can
chin up

Amy said...

it must be hard, please remember that we are still thinking of you Steve. My mum sends her love (she has just moved house and has no internet connection at the moment).

take care, Amy xx

Amri said...

I'm really sorry that a fairytale ending is so unlikely.
Maybe I can ask my mom to send some spiritual-healing stuff your way. She is crazy about spiritual stuff.

Jennifer said...

I am so sorry to hear about what you and your family are going through right now. What a terrible, scary time for your father. He will be in my prayers.

Sunny said...

Sorry to hear your news. We will patiently wait to see you posting again. Until then, remember to take care of yourself as well.

GardenAndSew said...

My heart goes out to you on hearing your news. Make what you have to do now a labor of love for your Dad. The memories of this will sustain you.

Anonymous said...