Monday, August 24, 2009

In the chicken news

Regarding the girls, I actually have really good news. If you remember weeks ago I mentioned that Delia seemed to be really sick, she would not go outside and hardly ate anything. Her feathers looked bad, her comb shrunk and her eggs were cracked looking. She always seemed to be the weakest even when we first bought her. I was about to have her put down as she seemed to be in pain, since I became tied up the last few weeks that just never happened. Delia has made a full recovery, her feathers are clean and shiny, her comb is full and red, her eggs are still large but no longer appear to be cracked. She runs around with the others and seems fine, even her vent has shrunk to a normal appearance and she never looked normal in that area.

I have not had the time to baby the girls like I used to, the weather here has been a really bad wet summer and I think it has affected the girls, they lay less than they did in winter with only an average of 4 or less eggs a day. Could be also their ages, the reds will be two years this fall and the blacks are over a year now but I don't think that should make a difference yet. I try to bring them clover from the farm when I have a chance, I think it gives them a boost. Could be also that people in the village where I keep them, like to give them treats, maybe they are eating a lot of junk food instead of their real food. Still they give enough eggs to sell so no problem as they are just pets.

Now as promised, killer Chico Chicken, for some reason he has it in for me! He feels I am an intruding rooster that he must drive away, he never attacks Dan! Must be because I am not around any more.

He is too little to do any damage but I would never walk in with shorts on. Don't worry, I'm not kicking him, I'm just holding up my foot and he is going nuts! He seems to need this competition, once he feels that he has shown me he is boss, he will go outside and crow for almost an hour. He even starts to crow the second he hears a stranger's or my voice. I guess it is the "little guy syndrome" as if to say "theses are my girls, come in here and I'll give you a lesson in who is boss around here"!


Tracey said...

Ha ha!!! That is one crazy chicken! He is so cute though.....XXX

Amy said...

LOL!! I love him! :) xxx

Sunny said...

That was funny! Glad he isn't big enough to do damage. My silkie rooster is second to the banty cross rooster I have so he doesn't even know enough to challenge anything LOL

Glad to hear your hen is doing better!

Amri said...

I know mean roosters are not a laughing matter but it was funny to see an attacking cotton ball! Very amusing.

Amy said...


I have an award for you over on my blog...come and get it when you want, if you want lol!

Amy xxx

Steven said...

Hello there, I am Amy's husband. I am new to blogging but heard alot about you from Amy and Tracey. I will be following you now...great blog! Steven.

nobody-but-us-chickens said...

Tracy; cute but nuts!

Amy; want another rooster? Ha ha! ;P

Sunny; he was so friendly when I first got him, for some reason he became cross when I got little Gracie.

Amri; yes that is about it, an attacking cotton ball! :D

Amy; thank you, you are very kind!

Steven; thank you, I just checked out your blog also, well done! I will keep checking it out.