Monday, October 5, 2009

Filling in the gaps.

Just to point out how easy it can be to have chickens, I live in the city. No, not as in city chickens but as in an apartment. The girls are in the city limits only I keep them at Dan's. My parents farm takes three hours to go there and back so it was too far to have chickens. My Dad also did not like to have chicken because he did not want to have to end up taking care of them when I was not around. Dan on the other hand is only 30 minutes from me and since I was stuck there all the time anyway, he let me keep the girls there. Dan ended up really liking the chickens and so when Dad became ill, he had no problem taking care of them. That is also why I tried to have large containers of feed and water, I did not want Dan to have to worry about feeding them etc. I felt if he was kind enough to let me keep them there, I did not want to impose on him any more than him collecting the eggs when I was not around.

When Gracie had the chicks, since I was back on the farm, we both felt it was better to have her with me. I have to move back to the farm to take of the place and my mom until she sells, so I am giving up my apartment in the city. This week Dan said he is really busy and feels the girls are no longer getting the attention they deserve, so it looks like the girls will come to live with me also. Dan said he will think about it as he has grown to like having them around. I told him I would take all or some of them with me.

I turned the timers back on to give them more light, they have slowed down with their laying, only two to three eggs a day from six hens and some are starting to molt. I know moving them will probably make them stop laying unfortunately. I'm not too crazy about getting Chico! If the girls stop laying then I will let them rest, I will just give them scratch feed and turn off the lights until after New Years.

In other chicken news, Oct 17 is a bird auction, I really want to go to this auction as I missed every other one since last spring. We will see and I will take pictures if I can.

Also I found a small hatchery only two hours from me and they have a system to deliver, better yet they have rare breeds that most others do not carry. I have a price list and will contact them in spring for chicks if things are going well.


Tracey said...

Did you rely prefer to live in the city then? I would have thought you were a country boy at heart, so you & the chickens should be happy there together?! Please post some photo's!! XXX

nobody-but-us-chickens said...

Tracy: I did like the city when I was younger but as I get older I like the country more again. It was more about finding work in the city but the crowding and rude city people have given me my fill of city life. Not that there is anything wrong with city life, some of my cousins love it just fine, just it is not for me so much anymore. My parents place is a little too far off the beaten path however. It can be very lonely out there. Sorry I will post pics soon, my bad!

John Gray said...

what city do u live in???

i too used to live in a CITY ..I do miss sheffield very much....

good shops, (none in wales)
proper coffee (none in wales)
good museums (none in wales)

nobody-but-us-chickens said...

John: I live in Ottawa, Canada. It is a nice city but can be quite dull at times, they sort of like everyone to be in bed and sleeping by nine here in this city! ;)