Saturday, February 20, 2010

Just an update!

I'm still out on the farm as my Mom can not be left alone and I still do not have access to the net way way way out there. I'm using a friend's computer. In the chicken news the birds from the auction were better left there. I will never buy from an auction again. Most turned out to be roosters and they also carried some sort of disease with them.

On the good side I bought Gracie a husband, a purebred Cochin rooster. I bought some other breeds as well. The most surprising news is that as of now, Tina, Edna and Gracie are all mothers. Even in our cold Canadian winter, they all hatched chicks. Tina and Edna will not be a year old until end of May. Edna had her chicks on Boxing day. Like their mother Gracie, they make good mommies!

Take care chicken people.


Sunny said...

Hey, good to hear from you! Glad your new 'moms' are doing well. I sold my silkies and just kept my big black hens and the mid-sized white ones. We are getting some nice large brown eggs from the black hens while the white ones are taking the winter off :)

Tracey said...

Nice to hear from you!!!!! Look after yourself, your mum and your

Jennifer said...

Sorry to hear the auction birds did not work out, it is that way with goats from auctions too. Glad to see you post!

John Gray said...

good to have you back steve.... hope you are ok...

call in to our blogs if you can..... hope you can blog a bit more !!

Amy said...

So pleased to hear from you...I have missed you!!

so sweet about the chicks...why can't mine be like!?!

Take care