Friday, November 28, 2008

First Contact

When I was thirteen my parents came home from shopping one day and said "we have something in the car for you." It was just before Easter and in a little box from the pet store were two tiny yellow chicks. That was the beginning for me, love at first sight. I did have other animals before that, a rabbit and two ducks when I was younger, but for some reason I have always liked chickens the most since that day.

For years after that I kept chickens and made a little pocket change by selling eggs. In my twenties I left home and moved to the city for work, my parents kept my chickens for a few years after that, I was able to care for them on weekends but the folks became tired of looking after the girls and told me to sell them. I was heart broken as some I had since I was fourteen. I never lost my liking for the birds and went to shows at fairs to see them. Recently I was able to start a small flock again and I'm as happy as a pig in.....mud (although I'm not a fan of pigs).

I find it so hard in this area to get chickens or even some times supplies for them so I wanted to start this blog to see if I can gather info about what is in the area. I also like Bantams, ducks etc so if people stumble on this and want to comment, please feel free. That is if anyone ever reads this blog!

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