Monday, December 1, 2008

My girls.

After a life time of missing chickens I bought four, they are red sex-link hens. When I went to see them, the elderly man who owned the hens, called them to him like four little dogs. I knew these would be perfect as I only wanted them as pets and to get a few eggs. I do feel a bit sorry for them as they were free range and I can't do that since my coop is near a high-way and in a village. They are called Gertrude, Delia and the Twins. The twins because two are so much alike I can't tell them apart yet. The cat watching is Tobie, she is a small cat but has such a strong prey drive that any thing smaller than a cow is her target!

They kept laying after I bought them in September, I did not push them and was only feeding scratch feed but I still received three eggs a day so not bad I think for four hens. They love clover, grass and earth worms so I gave them what I could. These girls were my start back into chickens, I watched to see if I could add to the flock. The house is only 8X8 so not many but I did want a few more. At least a rooster, I like the sound of a rooster crowing and the way they strut around. I also like the colours a rooster often has and the big fancy tail, at least a rooster would give me the feeling of being back on a farm even though I was not. I decided to watch for a bantam rooster, I figured that since a rooster can sometimes put stress on hens and affect the laying, a small rooster would be easier for them to have to put up with, plus I did not want to be attacked when feeding and in the past all my banty roosters were nice. I guess that is because of their small size.

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