Wednesday, December 17, 2008


On the right I will put up a link to a breed chart that I often like to refer to when I am not familiar with a breed. It gives a lot of information on breeds of chickens and bantams, plus it has links to photos of most of these breeds. It opened up a whole new chicken world for me.

I am excited to have found a hatchery a couple of hours from me that hatches different, rare and bantam breeds. Most of the hatcheries people in my area have to order from are 6 to 8 hours away and only carry the sex-link, white leghorn and meat breeds.

For people in the Ottawa area the most popular hatchery is Frey's Hatchery. All my laying hens came from there, plus most of the hens I had as a kid came from there twenty years ago, so they have good stock and a trusted name.

The other one I just stumbled upon is Performance Poultry, they carry a much larger variety of breeds. I will put links up on the right as well for these hatcheries. Performance Poultry also offers poultry supplies which can also be hard to get in this area.

If someone from the Ottawa area or Ontario has any other information they want me to link to feel free to comment.

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