Thursday, April 2, 2009

Wild Loose chase

In stopping by my place to pick up mail, pay bills etc before I return to my parents, I learned of Lucy's great escape. Dan has been taking care of the chickens and it seems she gave him the slip. When he opened the door to get the eggs, she made her break for freedom. Once out of the coop and after getting to run around on the grass, she said "no way am I going back" and began to run under the coop, around the yard and into the bushes near by. It began to pour rain but still she would not come back, he chased after her for half an hour and was about to give up. He then had the bright idea to place bread in their pen and then would shut the door once she was in. When he threw the bread in, Lucy looked at him as if to say "I know what you are up to!" Finally she entered and he slammed the door shut, now he guards the door better when going in and out, kind of like the reality version of chicken run.Lucy thinking "one of these days I'm outta here!"