Friday, March 27, 2009

Family illness.

Sorry for not posting or visiting your blogs but my Dad is very ill and so I had to go home to help him out. Even though he is in his seventies, he still runs his farm but is now not able to do his chores. Also, at this time of year the cows are calving so I had to go home to play midwife. My Dad is having tests done to see what the problem is as he has a lot of pain and can't hardly eat anything, so far the tests do not show any signs of cancer which is what everyone feared but we still do not know what is wrong.
As for anything to do with the girls, I did not see them for over a week, they are being well cared for. I had to miss the bird sale which I was looking forward to but as long as my Dad gets better that is the most important thing. I am a little sad too because Gracie started to get broody but I was not able to get away to set her up with eggs.

Not to be all gloomy, I will leave you with pictures I took this morning.

Almost every morning a small herd of whitetail deer come out into the field in front of my parents house to eat all our clover (little brats). I'm not sure why I can't get the pictures to enlarge, anyway trust me, those are wild deer, well maybe not too wild as they come up to the house to eat the shrubs around it.

Baby calves! Baby Lassie, I call her that because her mother was a show cow my Dad bought and believe it or not, the mother's registered name is actually Lassie.

More little guys sleeping in the sun, I was trying to get them to come over as I grabbed this before I left. The calves have their own little field where they can run and play or sleep in the sun without the cows coming in and pooping everything up. My Dad has cut back in numbers to only 21 cows, so far he has had two sets of twins. That is unusual as most cows only have one calf. Some years we have had three sets of twins, my Dad takes good care of his cows so it shows up as extra calves. To compare, some people with 100 cows may only have one or two sets of twins. He gets at least one set a year with only 21 cows.

I have to go see the girls now and I will post again as soon as I am able.


Tracey said...

sorry to hear about your dad, I hope his health improves. Love the calves!
How far away from you does your dad live?
Tracey x

Amy said...

Sorry about your dad...hope he feels well soon.
what beautiful pictures!
Amy :) x

John Gray said...

I see you get your neatness from your folks..the farm looks lovely

very sorry about your dad

chin up!!

Sunny said...

Hope your dad is feeling better soon. It can be such a worry when parents get sick.

Amri said...

Chickens can stay broody for 40 days sometimes. MAYBE it isn't too late yet!
I love chickens!