Saturday, June 13, 2009

Camera shy

When I am outside, Chico is constantly crowing. From early morning to late in the day Chico is a non stop wind-up toy. I asked the people around if it bothers them, lucky enough he is not very loud and even the houses across the road do not hear him. I worry about his sons, I imagine I will have to sell all his sons, I do not think the village would enjoy their crowing competitions once they have grown a bit. I tried and tried to get Chico on camera crowing for this post, however he would suddenly go silent whenever I had the camera. I did not know roosters got stage fright... but then again after all he is a chicken, sorry bad pun.

After many tries (which included me trying to crow like a rooster to get him going) I finally caught him on tape. Next mission to achieve, I'm going to capture on camera his kung fu moves. Oh yes, wait until you see that, Chico may be small but he is a master fighter and has a black-belt with some of his kicks, he can be lethal. After much begging and hiding and crowing, I finally got the little singer to sing, next stop "Chickens got talent"!

In my last post John left the comment that a mother hen does not always know best. Yes, true there can be some ding-bats out there, as with any animals or even some humans for that matter. Usually I have had good luck over the years with hens hatching out chicks. My mess ups involved a couple of hens and I quickly learned that if they are a bad mother, then they usually do not get better with age. Some mishaps were; when one bantam hen hatched out chicks, she would stand up and start scratching to feed them while they were still just drying off, this of course would cause her to trample and kill them. I also had a hen that after a week of sitting on her eggs, decided to leave them and go get back into the hen house to sit on the eggs in the main nest. Another hen I tried was a large Ameraucana, I should have known better as she would sometimes eat eggs. I assumed wrong that being broody would stop this. I gave her twelve eggs, after a few days she ate two of them, then all was quiet until half way through hatching I came home to only six eggs left and a huge mess of blood and egg yolk. I was so angry with the hen. At that time I happen to have a very young mixed bantam hen that had just started to go broody but I had no more room to set her up with eggs. Since she was off a really good broody bantam hen, I thought I would give the remaining eggs to her, I figured I had nothing to lose since the other hen would probably eat the remaining eggs. I cleaned up the eggs, kicked out the large hen and grabbed the small bantam mixed hen. She was happy to have a nest in peace where no one was chasing her off. She snuggled the remaining six eggs to her body and just over a week later she was a proud mom to six chicks. Mostly I had really good luck with hens hatching out chicks and like I said, I could watch the mom with chicks all day.


Tracey said...

That was so funny! Next post, can you get someone to film you crowing.....please!!!!
Love Tracey xxx

Amri said...

Chico is a very handsome boy! Lord Firestar is nicer, though! Those Silkies are so fuzzy. Are they as soft as they look?

nobody-but-us-chickens said...

Tracey: You will see me crowing when I see you laying eggs! :D

Amri: Silkies just look soft, when I pick Chico up I don't find that much difference to the other chicken's feathers.

Tracey said... first!!!

Amy said...

oh...great! my little frizzle rooster (derek) sounds real sweet when he crows...I am waiting for my new rooster (achmed) to get big and start.

I have another hen sitting on her eggs fingers crossed i will get some sweet little chicks!! :)

Amy xxx

John Gray said...

I have too many broodies and subsequently no eggs!!!!!!

I have four sitting at the moment!

glad you liked may chickens safely graze!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jennifer said...

Oh darn I wanted to see him crowing but I am back on dial-up. (don't I will have to come back later and see if I can get it to load. Just like people some animals are great mothers and some are not I guess. Goats are almost always good mothers but there are a few that aren't.

We once had a doe (first time mother) that had her kids then acted like she didn't know what those noisy, wet, squirmy things were but they frightened her and she wanted OUT of that pen. She wasn't the brightest crayon in the box as far as goats go. lol By the way I gave you a blog award on my blog. Pass it on if you want too but don't feel obligated or anything.

Christine said...

There's nothing better than watching a good broody hen with her new babies.

Jennifer said...

I got my high speed internet service back so I had to come back and watch the Chico videos. Very cute!