Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Where's my peeps?

Where did my tiny little peeps go!?! They grow so fast, I felt they no longer could stay in the chicken-nursery and decided to release them into the flock. Dan wanted to make a pen for them but I said to first try them with the flock and see what happens. Usually I found in the past the hens would not touch the babies, it was always the mother they attacked. Chickens not being too smart will forget their flock mate after not seeing her for a while.

The black bantam chicks are still small but the red hybrid is growing fast. We named the red one Little Hilton after someone with red hair we know, Dan asked what happens if it turns out to be a girl, so I said we will call her Paris Hilton! The picture is not very clear, sorry they were running around so fast it was hard to get a picture.I locked the other chickens outside with treats for a while to let the gang get used to their new surroundings. After an hour or so I let the other hens in. Most did not pay attention to the chicks, some attacked Gracie but seemed to remember her, after all, the chick cage was in the house with them and they could see her most of the time. However by the second day I could see a trouble maker causing problems.

Jail time for Delia!!!

Delia would not leave the chicks alone, she would herd them into their nest box and then attack Gracie and the chicks, it was none stop and by the end of the day she was getting worse. She was also causing the others to attack the chicks as well. In all my years of keeping chicks I never had a hen attack the chicks, roosters yes but never a hen and not with such obsession as this. Dan saw this as well and before I could return and jail her, he did it. Delia is not well, this may be a factor in making her so cross with the chicks, she seems to always be in pain, she also will be the one to get lice, sick, etc. She always lays an odd cracked looking egg and I have been told this can be a sign of some sort of infection that she has or had. I am thinking I may put her down, she never seems to respond to any treatments and I am afraid of her bringing some sort of disease to the other hens or chicks, especially the chicks.

I was really worried about the big black hybrids and yet they had the best reactions, they ignore Gracie and the chicks as if they have always been in the house. Lucy is still acting broody but never stopped laying, nor does she sit on the eggs. The first day she would go up to the chicks and act protective but in a confused way, not being sure if she should protect the chicks or try to scare them away. Chico is good with the chicks and does not try to mate with Gracie which I was afraid he would. One of the other red hens pecked and chased a chick last night and I think Gracie was at her boiling point, she suddenly attacked the red, grabbing her by the back of the head and not letting go. The red was going to fight but then got scared when Gracie gave her a good trimming, another red ran in to help her sister and Gracie gave her a going over as well, I was cheering "go Gracie, go Gracie, put the boots to 'em" (a Canadian saying). Then Chico ran in and attacked Gracie, that is when I did a tag team and went after Chico. A gentleman never touches a lady, plus Chico never defended Gracie when she needed help so why did he stick his dumb beak in this scrape. The reds went away, they will learn, when attacking a little chick, they will suddenly have an angry mom jumping on their head. Mostly however since Delia was sentenced for assault, the house is quiet, everyone will find their new place within the house.

See how big they are getting.


Tracey said...

Fancy putting a hen in jail!!!
The chicks are still cute, love the hairy feet!

Amri said...

Wow! Sounds like it got pretty exciting in the coop for a bit! Poor Delia, sounds like she went a little crazy. When our Cochin went crazy she ate off two hens' beards! We got SO mad at her. Those chicks are getting big (just like QuackStar).

Amy said...

they do grow fast dont they?! i bought 2 wyandottes when they were 5 weeks, they are now 9 weeks and huge! Polly my frizzle is still sat on her "egg".

your little chicks are sweet and the names are just as crazy as my chickens names lol! hope your ok. Amy xxx

Odette said...

jail time for chickens, hahaha. as if they arent been caged enough!! but seprating an erring one is most logical esp. when she isn't as healthy as the others.

Cori said...

It's so stressful trying to get the establishment to accept the newbies.

You gave a great "blow by blow" of the whole thing.

You chickens are beautiful. I'm dying to have time to read through the rest of your blog!

Jennifer said...

Sorry to hear about Delia. The chicks are growing up quick! I just love how shiny that black chicken is! Very pretty.

Sunny said...

Just love your little black chicks witht the white"bibs"!

I have no problem "dismissing" a chicken, rabbit, goat from the group that is mean, sickly, or can otherwise cause potential problems to the rest. Glad the hen is in jail... I'd have probably done more.

It is delightful to read about you enjoying your chickens so much. Keep us "posted"! And thanks for the comment on my blog about my "day trip". (I actually took the "trip" in my chair at my desk, to ecsape for a bit from the daily work of dispatching trucks) You are so kind! Have a blessed day!

Chicken Boys said...

I just started my own chicken blog. I am serching for peeps to share stories and advice with. I like your little blog. Hope ya don't mine my following, eh!?

John Gray jgsheffield@hotmail.com said...

they grow up too quick dont they.........

are we getting old......

good to see you baring up steve.
hope you are ok