Monday, March 2, 2009

Egg on my face!

I changed the look of my blog and I noticed I was missing some links that I put on. I decided to return to my old blog format to see if I could recover them and then suddenly BOOMMM! I lost everything! Now I will have to track down links etc and try to fix this mess.

Perverts in the hen house!

One of the links I lost was a site that tells me where people who read my blog are from, I find it interesting (plus very cool) to communicate with people in different countries. I was pleased as my traffic to this blog suddenly increased from the three of you ( you know who you are) to ten or more a day! My dreams of connecting chicken people from all over the world was short lived however when I saw the searches that were bringing readers here. It was the "To spank a chicken" post and yes the searches are looking for porn sites! Get a life you people or take a cold shower! Now I am almost afraid to mention the black and red sex-links in case that brings more people looking to spank the chicken.

And now a chicken picture.

Some of the red girls are so picky about their nests, it is cute to watch them spent time fixing the straw piece by piece until it is just right. When finished it is very much a typical round nest like the song birds in the trees. The black hens just jump in and wiggle their butts around until comfortable and then get down to business.


Amy said...

A change of background...very nice!

My Chickens pull the straw in and out several times before laying...we had a really cute egg today, it was tiny....the shell was perfect etc, it was just small....i am going to take a picture of it tomorrow and do a post.

Amy :)

nobody-but-us-chickens said...

Amy: One of my hens (Marlene) always lays a small egg, sometimes so small that it is almost like little Gracie's egg.

Two of the reds take the time to make a nice nest, even coming back after they laid an egg to sit again and fix the nest. Being hybrids they will never hatch any eggs but I have a feeling since they are so gentle that they would have made great mothers, so it is kind of too bad.

Tracey said...

When are you going to put your photo on? so we can see what the strange man who likes chickens.....looks like!!!!
Tracey x

nobody-but-us-chickens said...

Tracey: If I put my picture up, it might scare everyone away! ;D

Amy said...

I think the small one is from the black silkie (the one i thought was a boy) As the white silkie is laying normal size off white ones.

Put your pic up!

Amy :)