Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring, I hope!

We are finally starting to see a little spring weather here. Well, not like most of you with green grass but it does get above freezing some days and the snow is starting to melt. One sign of spring in the coop is Gracie has increased her rate of laying. At first it was an egg every three or four days, then every second day and now almost every day. This weekend I noticed her getting more relaxed in the nest, she is not brooding but she did stay until almost three in the afternoon one day.

I don't know if she has ever raised chicks in the past, I don't think with the last person she did because of the cage she was in. He wanted her eggs to put in an incubator as he could get more chicks that way.

Back and forth throughout the day I checked, I even heard her talking to the eggs like a mother hen does. I tested however by touching her and she did not make the clucking noises or become defensive. It is too early to hatch chicks here just yet but I do hope she will one day want to hatch. I would like to buy some more cochins, I like the silver-laced and mottled colour of cochins. If there are any cochin hens or silkie hens at the sale coming up this Saturday, it will be very hard not to buy any! ;)


John Gray said...

yep, things are similar here steve....spring weather and the broodies are stirring!

Amy ~ 12 Acres said...

That's exciting! I hope one of my hens goes broody soon so I can hatch some duck eggs under her.

The Forge Village Farmer said...

Hola from another (newly hatched) chicken person. I am enjoying reading your blog!

Sunny said...

Can't wait to see what you get at the sale!

Jennifer said...

What a pretty hen, she sure has that look in her eye like she would like some chicks of her own. :)

nobody-but-us-chickens said...

John: Yes I saw your pictures, your March looks like our May, lucky you!

Amy 12A: Baby ducks are so cute also. The mother hen will get a shock when all her babies take off and go swimming. :D

TFVF: Welcome to my blog and thank you for your kind comments.

Sunny: Me too! Haha! If I can't find anything interesting, there is another sale in another town the next week. I want to go to both just for fun, even if I buy nothing.

Jennifer: When she has herself all preened up she can look quite nice, however Chico is starting to ruin some of her feathers by constantly trying to mate with her.

Amy said...

Did you get anymore chickens at the sale?

My new little frizzle is becoming broody...hopefully i will be getting some chicks soon!

Amy x

Anonymous said...